Taylor Swift's Evermore: The Unbeatable Album

As a surpise for her fans, Taylor Swift released her album Folklore on July 24, 2020.This album was truly a shocker as it came out less than a year after her previosu album Lover. I've been a Swiftie for a long time, but I absolutely adored this album. It stood out from her other albums as it had folkish (obviously)/indie tone. The storytelling in this album was masterful. While Taylor has always been praised as a fantastic songwriter, the lyrics in these songs were just incredible. That it until Taylor dropped another surprise album on December 11, 2020. Evermore.

A photo of the two albums

Evermore is the sister album to folklore. There has been much discussion about which album is better than the other lyrically, stylistically etc. In my personal, EXPERT opinion, Evermore outshines all her albums. While Folklore offers more realitic lyricism and storytelling, Evermore takes you on a fantastical adventure through many different short stories. Of course, being Taylor Swift, both albums have equally sad songs and somber undertones.

all the songs

My favorite songs from the album are Ivy, Dorothea and No Body No Crime, and Champagne Problems. My favorite lyric is from Ivy. "I can't stop you putting roots in my dreamland"

My favorite song from the Album(and honestly probs my fav Tay song ever!) .

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Evermore sweatshirt

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